Vlad Yurashko

Attraction №79, 2010
65x41 cm



This piece is part of Vlad Yurashko’s major series of paintings called Attraction, started in 2013, which focuses on his interest in the increasing role of visuals in surrounding reality. What we see turns into an attraction with alternating images, different in origin but equal in meaning. Images from social media feeds, from the pages of magazines and newspapers, from advertising billboards and TV screens go together with photographs from family archives, shots from favourite movies and personal memories, sometimes entwining in incredible combinations. The artist’s preferred format of a scrap of canvas with deliberately uncut edges or ground coat showing through emphasises the frailty and interchangeability of these images.
In Attraction №79 the artist brings up the problem of visualizing a specific memory, considering the constant competition of actual memories with a flood of endless media images. A careful look into the surface of the painting, monotonously grey at first glance, allows to see a barely recognizable profile of a male figure two tones darker than the background. The texture of the painting, laid in very thin layers, looks like an old faded photograph, its role reduced from a piece of evidence of a past event to a mere artefact of the time long gone.
The subject of the painting, which can be detected after careful scrutiny, ‘falls into an abstraction’ once the focus on it is lost, and the initial image dissolves with every attempt to recall it.