Vlad Yurashko

Attraction №95, 2010
75x40 cm



Attraction №95 belongs to the first leg of Vlad Yurashko’s major series of paintings consisting of over 100 works. The series focuses on the artist’s interest in the growing role of the visual in every day life, which has become a global attraction, where miscellaneous images become equal in our perception.
The motive of an escalator gallery in Moscow metro, which first appeared in Yurashko’s work Place 1 (2010), gets a new meaning here. The static horizontal format gives way to a vertical arrangement, with the centre of the composition shifted to the right. This trick helps deepen the impression of movement and breakthrough into the depth of the space. The escalator steps seem to start at the viewer’s feet, and the lights reflected in the surfaces of the arch and balustrades merge into one flow of light going up to the vanishing point. The movement direction of the escalator is deliberately ambiguous, therefore the viewer finds oneself in between ascension and descension, in a ‘no man’s land’ or a ‘non-place’ (a term coined by the French anthropologist Marc Augé). Thus a mundane element of daily life receives an existentialist dimension.