Pavel Otdelnov

Car Service, 2013
200x250 cm



This work is a continuation of the artist’s typical studies of the surrounding reality through the practice of ‘slow looking’, for which the medium of painting works very well.
According to Pavel Otdelnov, the modern times are ‘always a construct assembled from the pieces of the past’, and in his works there is an obvious connection to the Russian landscape tradition: horizontal format, low skyline with the sky taking up the better part of the painting, and the perplexing sensation of no observers around seem to turn the painting into a moment taken out of time. The dull signs of our time, be it a road covered in layers of melted snow in a field, or electric poles or nondescript buildings with anything from a roadside shop to a car service inside give a new meaning to traditional landscape painting.
The project Inner Degunino, including this painting, defines the condition of being in the doldrums as one of the essential characteristics of daily big city life, where every day people have to look at electricity pylons or silhouettes of some buildings on the horizon only to find themselves excluded from this life.