Clerks, 2010
35x100 cm



The reliefs of the Clerks series register the transfer of daily contemporary life topics into the realm of art history, of Classical Greek sculpture in particular, which is characteristic of Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov’s (Recycle Group) body of works. The format of reliefs – a direct reference to the Athens Parthenon frieze – adds up to the ironic effect of looking at surrounding reality through the prism of archaeology.
Selecting a distinctly synthetic material, i.e. acryl, helps to bring out the inner truth of depicted narrative, which is essentially just genre scenes of city life. The carefully arranged multi-figure compositions resemble an attraction, a frozen moment of a reality show, on the verge of virtual reality and material world, constantly imitating the latter.
The same principle applies to the relations between the present, which is endlessly trying to capture myriads of individual here-and-now moments, and the eternity, which can perpetuate the most fleeting and meaningless of them. Recycle Group are not trying to find a universal solution to this existential dilemma, but give it a sharp and funny definition in the context of the shifting traditional paradigms.