Polina Kanis

Eggs, 2010



This is a video-recording of a performance recreating a Soviet electronic game Nu, Pogodi! (Just You Wait!), where the artist takes on the role of the game protagonist – the Wolf, whose task is to collect eggs. Throughout the 17 minutes of footage she is running around the rooftop trying to catch eggs into her skirt and put them into a basket; they break, leaving piles of eggshells all over, and the sound of them cracking fills up the last several minutes of the video.
A superficial interpretation of this performance as a visual metaphor of daily existence full of repeated actions without a visible cause or result falls apart thanks to the author’s cleverly placed emphasis on certain things to reveal the gender dimension of what is happening on the screen. A short black skirt with a low-cut blouse and the artist’s bare legs prompt the viewer to think of gender as the key factor. Kanis focuses on the gender status of a person and its role in relationship structures at both social and individual levels. This artistic statement, free from criticism, carefully defines the range of gender issues where a woman’s vulnerability is in fact the other side of aggression.