Erik Bulatov

Entry – No Entry, 1974
work on paper
38x40.5 cm


work on paper

The graphic work Entry – No Entry (1974) is connected to one of the central paintings of Erik Bulatov by the same name, which was finished one year later, in 1975. Bulatov was interested in the correlation between social space and artistic space, which is shown in this work via text, clear composition, and a minimal set of local colours: white, blue, and red.
The blue letters of the word ‘Vkhod’ (Entry) are directed into the depth of the picture in perspective foreshortening, receding into a dot in the centre, and can rather be guessed than easily read. The ‘Vkhoda net’ (No Entry) letters are stretched out from one end of the sheet to the other in a clean red line. This line not only overlaps and covers, but denies any space behind it. But the positioning of the letters ‘Da’ (Yes) in the centre and ‘Net’ (No) against a neutral white background undermines the seeming peremptoriness of this demonstrative ban, addressed to the viewer. The interaction between the text fragments and their actual positions in the picture makes the familiar Soviet poster font less recognizable, demonstrating a certain twist of conceptual art in Bulatov’s work.