Pavel Otdelnov

Fences, 2013
180x200 cm



In his Inner Degunino series, which includes the work Fences, Pavel Otdelnov rethinks the every day life of city outskirts through painting.
A technically traditional landscape, with horizontal layout, with accentuated skyline at sunset, becomes in a way timeless, fixating a detached observation point of someone emphatically absent from the depicted scenery. The artist’s look, showing through the layers of paint like a time-lapse video, tries to capture the elusive ‘now’. The dual nature of the moment is emphasised by the doubling of the two electricity pylons towering in the centre of the composition and symmetrically reflected in the puddle. The pylons, the lit street lights, the concrete paving flooded with water, and the bright red and white pile of plastic barriers that can be found on any road – those are recognizable, but not specific details, and their portrayal takes this landscape to the level of almost universal generalisation. In Pavel Otdelnov’s Fences anonymous empty spaces are infused with the atmosphere of their desolation. They emerge from the oblivion of monotonous city life for an instant – just enough to render this moment of time in the language of painting.