Olga Chernysheva

Life in Art, 2013
work on paper
30x41.5 cm; 42x59 cm


work on paper

The protagonists of this series of drawings by Olga Chernysheva represent a new type of characters – middle-class people spending a substantial part of their leisure time in museums and contemporary art galleries. The artist is interested not only in the reaction of these people to works of art, but also in the peculiarities of their behaviour in exhibition space. The majority of the characters, their fragile figures drawn in vibrating charcoal lines, perceive large-scale paintings or recognizable art objects in the background not as works of art worthy of scrutiny, but as an opportunity to take selfies against the paintings of Marc Rothko or the Chapman Brothers, demonstrating a natural reaction of a cultural tourist.
This sort of observations could add a comical undertone to the drawings, but Chernysheva, free from judgement, allows herself only a gentle touch of irony towards her characters, making her graphics look like authentic evidence.