Alexandra Paperno

Plan №7, 2009
76x70 cm



Plan №7, part of Alexandra Paperno’s series of monochrome paintings Living Space, appears to be an abstract composition, but a closer look at it reveals the contours of a technical sketch of a living space. A trivial subject, i.e. an architectural drawing of a typical flat, is pictured in the centre of the painting with various shades of grey, delivering its artistic potential in full. The sketch looks worn-out, faded, as if hidden beneath the layers of paint on top of it, and thereby manages to keep temporal distance from the viewer. At the same time the structure of the image resembles a diorama, where rendering three-dimensional objects on level surface background provokes a certain continuousness, as if luring the viewer into the painting.
Rectangular shapes of rooms and pieces of furniture, graphic symbols of open doors – these vague signs are here to revive the images of the Soviet reality, so familiar to the older part of the audience, and already well-known to new generations, having been introduced through family photo albums and movies into our collective memory.