Rinat Voligamsi

Snow, 2013
120x160 cm



In the Snow project the artist is fascinated with the correlation between the fictional and the authentic, imitating photographic methods in painting. The boxes with the recurring ‘Sneg’ (Snow) label, stacked into a neat pyramid, are surrounded with the void of the winter landscape, bringing into view the gap between the documentary and the real. The impartial ‘photo-fixation’ is overcome by the elaborate painting technique which grotesquely replicates the texture of newspaper halftone pictures. The formal probability of the surreal subject of the canvas shifts the familiar focus. Voligamsi draws upon the lost skill of reading official documents, including pictures, not as factual information, but as multi-layered messages which require decoding. While working with the visual codes of Soviet reality, the artist manages to abstain from both nostalgic sympathy and judgement.
Monochromatic character of the painting emphasises the crucial role of light in the blinding white of the snowy landscape and luminescent effects on the surfaces of the boxes, thus indicating the author’s ideological detachment from the subject of the painting.