Superheroes, Chronicle, 2010
170x70 cm



In their works Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov (Recycle Group) are archaeologically scrupulous about recreating the tangible features of surrounding reality, balancing between material and virtual worlds.
Using cheap recyclable materials to construct traditional art formats like ancient reliefs or, in this case, gothic architectural elements, Recycle Group look at modern media images through the lens of history. Their best works, including the three-part installation Superheroes, Chronicle (2010), are very incisive and poignant, similar in their intensity to American Pop Art, but with a more straightforward presentation. In pointed-arch stained-glass windows in place of Christian saints and martyrs there are comic characters hierarchically ranged in accordance with their popularity: from Iron Man in a lower panel to Batman in the middle and, finally, Superman on top in the central rosace. The loud colours of the stained-glass window, made with materials like canapé picks, is similar to the traditionally bright palette of superhero comic books, with prevailing patches of yellow, blue and red, and dark brown strips and framing.
The change of values highlighted in this modern ‘pantheon’ is just a record of observations from the authors’ recognizable ironic perspective, without any critical or preaching subtext.