September 30, 2018 / by AFF

viennacontemporary 2018

26 – 30 September Aksenov Family Foundation took part in viennacontemporary 2018 art fair.

This year the Foundation continued to support artists who develop contemporary art practices. The curator - Stas Shuripa:

«The focus of this project is the relations between feeling and mind, aesthetic experience and intellectual insight. Through a variety of media – from art research and documentary video to calligraphy and ceramics – the artists address a key issue about the boundaries of art. Objet trouvé and new technologies, irony and different interpretations of the traditional; a variety of methods serves to the search for artistic meanings beyond the usual limits of art. Should the artistic gesture be in the area accessible only to the senses or is it a source of exclusively aesthetic experience? Perhaps, as suggested by the experience of the late XX - early XXI centuries, the evolution of art creates an increasingly close and multi-layered connection with those areas where the mind and rationality traditionally dominated. In the new sociocultural and technological environment, the senses and the mind are no longer polar opposites. The intellectual sphere becomes an extension of the aesthetic one, theory is a continuation of practice; thus the space for artistic search expands and so does the ability of art to tell us something new about our time».

The most of our booth was dedicated to the exhibition of young artists - graduates of the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow) in 2018. There was also an important premiere by Victor Alimpiev - his new video «Evil Earth». The work is based on the performance presented by the artist in the New Space of the Theater of Nations (Moscow) in April 2018. Artist Kostya Novoselov in his «New Music» series goes beyond traditional Chinese calligraphy, using modern forms and materials. For instance, as well as traditional Chinese ink he uses graphene one.


Victor Alimpiev Evil Earth Sequence 08_5 2018 courtesy of the artist

Artists: Aleksandra Syrbu, Katia Khassine, Egor Rogalev, Alexandra Mikhailova (Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow), Kostya Novoselov, Victor Alimpiev, Alexander Petrelli (gallery «Overcoat»).