06 November, 19

Premiere of the play Norma

November 6, 2019 The Malaya Bronnaya Theater, with the support of the Aksenov Family Foundation, presented the premiere of the play "Norma" directed by Maxim Didenko based on the first novel by Vladimir Sorokin. This is a joint project of the Theater on Bronnaya and the Brusnikin Workshop.

"Norma" is a performance-encyclopedia of pathologies of a Soviet person, the inside of which is turned inside out for our judgement by the director Maxim Didenko, in collaboration with the artist Galya Solodovnikova, playwright Valery Pecheikin and composer Alexei Retinsky. The production consists of two acts: the first text-choreographic act and the second act, which is, in fact, Evgeny Stychkin's solo performance. Both are accompanied by orchestral music.

Performance "Norma" by Maxim Didenko, teaser

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