17 June, 20

Ivan Vyrypaev: "What is a play and why it is important to know what it is"

On June 7, 2020 as part of the Red Square book festival with the support of the Aksenov Family Foundation, playwright and director Ivan Vyrypaev spoke about what a play is, and why it is important to know why a play should be seen with the eyes, and not read.

How is a drama theater different from others? Why in the 20th century the director declared himself the author of the play? How to return to the basic principle of theater, in which the author is a playwright, and how do the cosmic laws of the universe work in drama?

A play is the model of a universe. It is important to stage the plays the way they are written in order to introduce the viewer to Chekhov as Chekhov and Shakespeare as Shakespeare.
Ivan Vyrypaev

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