29 September, 18

The Iran Conference by Ivan Vyrypaev: a European premiere

On September 29, 2018 The Iran Conference by Ivan Vyrypaev was performed for the first time as part of Vienna Humanities Festival with the support of Aksenov Family Foundation.

Ivan Vyrypaev is one of the most intriguing contemporary Russian theater makers. A film director and playwright, his aesthetic has been hailed as a combination of Quentin Tarantino and Andrei Tarkovsky. His new play The Iran Conference takes the guise of an academic event: a symposium where scholars gather to debate the state of affairs in the Middle East. Prepared statements are read and judiciously discussed. Soon, though, the academic conference evolves into an intimate dialogue about us and the world surrounding us, and The Iran Conference emerges as a deeply felt reflection on ostensible civilizational differences and the spiritual distress found in modern societies.

If we want to make our lives, we must learn to give up — and not the things we've decided to give up.
Ivan Vyrypaev

The Austrian premiere took place at the Vienna Technical University. Russian viewers had the chance to taste of the play earlier this year: on January 17 the Moscow Central House of Writers hosted the author's reading of the play.

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