Answers to the most frequent questions concerning the work of the foundation and its projects:
What we do
Can you sponsor my project?

No, the Foundation is interested to co-produce.

How many artworks or artists your collection contains?

Please see relevant information on this page Collection

I have an idea for a project. Whom do i contact?

If you'd like to apply for the production of your non-profit project, please fill out this form, and we will get in touch with you.

AFF Projects
When is this year's viennacontemporary?

On September 5–9, 2021. Please see the details at viennacontemporary's website.

And when is Satlzburg festival?

From July 17 till August 31, 2021. See details at the festival's website.

How is the foundation related to the Russian Society of Friends of Salzburg Festival?

AFF is the official representative of Salzburg Festival in Russia and the operator of the Russian Society of Friends