29 September, 21

Plug & Play, a multimedia concert performance by Aksenov Family Foundation and the Territory Festival, takes place at the School of Dramatic Arts on October 3

The starting point of the Plug & Play multimedia performance concert is an attempt to answer the question of what music can be written today, at the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century. The transversal theme of the programme is an interdisciplinary quest, a work at the intersection of sound, visual and performative practices, bringing together works by authors from the Old and New Worlds, Russian and Western authors. The vector of movement is set by Alexander Schubert's F1 – the calling card of one of the main protagonists of the modern German music scene and the brightest representative of the generation of composers of the post-Internet art era. The dialogue of mediums continues in the Orbital by Dutchman Yannis Kyriakides – a work for instrumental ensemble and video, recorded by the author on the ring road in Amsterdam during Lockdown 2020 – and in A Cow in the Backyard by Elena Rykova (Russia, USA), created in collaboration with artist Maria Korol. The finale of the evening will feature last year's score by Alexei Sysoev, winner of the Aksenov Family Foundation program "Russian Music 2.0" 2020 — a modern interpretation of the text from Chekhov's "Three Sisters".


Alexander Schubert (1979)
F1 (2016)
first performance in Russia

Yannis Kyriakides (1969)
Orbital (2020)
first performance in Russia

Elena Rykova (1991), Maria Korol (1980)
A cow in the backyard (2020)
first performance in Russia

Alexei Sysoev (*1972)
Don't whistle, Masha! (2020)

Tickets can be purchased on the Territory Festival website.

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