24 October, 17

Gleb Smirnov: Elysium

Aksenov Family Foundation together with RDI.Creative released a special edition of Gleb Smirnov's treatise "Elysium" for the viennacontemporary 2017 fair, which includes selected chapters from the forthcoming book. The book will continue the author's cultural studies of theological and philosophical aspects of the history of art.

Gleb Smirnov is an art theorist, master of philosophy, journalist, and author of books and articles, including: Rome, Afisha guidebook, Dada im Zuge // La Mossa del Cavallo, Fluffing up the Senses: Metaphysics of Contemporary Art, Metaphysics of Venice. His book Palladio. Seven Architectural Journeys is planned for release in November 2017.

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