Цифровые проекты viennacontemporary 2020

В рамках viennacontemporary, ведущей ежегодной международной ярмарки современного искусства в Вене, была запущена цифровая платформа vc_on. Для тех, кто не смог приехать в Вену, в онлайн версии галереи-участники ярмарки представили работы художников Центральной и Восточной Европы, которые можно было купить. Во время работы ярмарки были сделаны репортажи с эксклюзивного превью и открытия, интервью с художниками, представителями галерей и гостями открытия, репортажи из культурных институций Вены о ключевых проектах сезона. Some of the reports can be viewed below.

The digital platform vc_on connects and introduces galleries to leading cultural institutions, buyers and experts from around the world. High-quality virtual galleries where you can examine details of a work you like and purchase it immediately, fascinating events and panels, in which you can participate online from anywhere in the world, will now be accessible to the widest audience of professionals and art lovers.
Dmitry Aksenov, founder of the Aksenov Family Foundation

Exclusive preview and official opening of viennacontemporary

Collector Cassandra Hermann and curator Yves-Michel Sass on her closed private collection of the Hermann family

A virtual tour of the Beethoven bewegt exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Report from the Senora exhibition at the Meyer Kainer Gallery (curated by Sarah Lucas and Chris Lamsalu)

Everyone was welcome to join the two panel discussions held in Vienna in cooperation with the Aksenov Family Foundation. Recordings of both discussions are still available after registration on the website.

Fostering innovation at the crossroads of culture and technology

Russian Art Focus: New glocalization: local initiatives with global vision

For those who want to get involved with contemporary art from the very beginning, the online project "Steps" has been launched. This is a conversation about contemporary culture and art, as informed as you want it to be. Each new step is a new level of perception. You can go in order, from simple to complex, or you can skip levels or alternate as you like. Only in Russian.

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