Public Art Object by Pavel Pepperstein at Archstoyanie Kids 2017

The main object of the summer 2017 at the Nikola-Lenivets festival was created by the artist and writer, inspector, researcher of the future Pavel Pepperstein, in collaboration with the artist Ksenia Dranysh.

The topic of mushrooms is so deep, all-encompassing and breathtaking, and here the path lies from shamanic practices to children's fairy tales and games.
Since childhood, all of us are familiar with the large fly agaric (made either of wood or iron), which is an integral element of a kids' playground. In this case, we want to focus on one character — the mushroom. Or better to say in the plural — mushrooms. And maybe even so — mycelium!!!

The first public art object by Pavel Pepperstein presented at Archstoyanie Kids 2017 is part of the improvement project of the Architectural suburb "South Valley" of the RDI development company. The original creation demonstrates a new interpretation of contemporary public spaces for children and adults. In the future the object will become a point of attraction not only for the residents of the complex, but also one of the symbols of the entire Leninsky district.

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