30 September, 18

Viennacontemporary 2018

On September 26-30, 2018, the Aksenov Family Foundation was presented at the viennacontemporary 2018 art fair. This year, the Foundation supported artists developing contemporary artistic practices.

The focus of the project participants is on the relationship between feeling and reason, aesthetic experience and intellectual insight. Through a variety of media — from artistic research, documentary videos and performance art to calligraphy and ceramics — artists are addressing the key question of the boundaries of art. Objet trouvé and new technologies, irony and rethinking of tradition; a variety of methods serve to search for artistic meanings outside the usual limits of art. Should an artistic gesture be located in an area accessible only to the senses, be a source of exclusively aesthetic experience? Or, as the experience of the late 20th — early 21st century suggests, the evolution of art creates ever closer and multilayered ties with those spheres in which reason and rationality traditionally dominated? In the new socio-cultural and technological conditions, feelings and reason are no longer polar opposites. The intellectual becomes an extension of the aesthetic, theory becomes a continuation of practice; this is how the space for artistic search expands, making art have more possibilities to tell us something new about our time.
Stas Shuripa, curator

Most of the stand was allocated for demonstrating young artists — graduates of the Institute for Problems of Contemporary Art in 2018. An important premiere was the demonstration of a new video by Viktor Alimpiev's Evil Land. The work is based on a performance presented by the artist in the New Space of the Theater of Nations in April 2018. The artist Kostya Novoselov in his New Music series goes beyond traditional Chinese calligraphy, using modern forms and materials. So, in addition to traditional Chinese ink, he uses graphene ink.

Artists: Alexandra Syrbu, Katya Khasina, Egor Rogalev, Alexandra Mikhailova (Institute for Problems of Contemporary Art), Kostya Novoselov, Victor Alimpiev, Alexander Petrelli (The Coat gallery).

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