31 March, 21

Imprint in Motion film premiere

On March 31, 2021 the film Imprint in Motion was premiered. It is a joint production of the International festival of contemporary choreography Context. Diana Vishneva, Aksenov Family Foundation and The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

Imprint in Motion is a cross-media work that brings together visual arts, contemporary dance, music and film. The human body in a variety of visual forms became its main character and material at the same time. Contemporary choreography rethinks plots from the history of Western European civilization in the space of the classical museum. Diana Vishneva played the role of a guide between the eras and the stylistic directions of dance.

Imprint in Motion has united three large institutions. It is a combination of thoughts and ideas from different generations, different experiences. By combining them, we looked at dance, history and visual art from a new angle, — and even perceived the sounds of music in a new way. The key philosophy of our project consist in combination and comparison, in the transition from the past to the future.
Diana Vishneva

The Pushkin Museum, with its collection of casts that represent the main monuments of world culture, furnished the project with a unique set design. Furthermore, as a depository of knowledge and visual traditions of the centuries-old cultural history, the museum set the direction for the entire plot of the film and for semantic connections within each act.

The title of the film refers not only to the history of the museum, conceived once by Vladimir Ivanovich Tsvetaev as a kind of "imprint" of the greatest achievements of world culture. The second layer of the name is deeply philosophical; it is a kind of inner journey through epochs and civilizations. The dance presented in the film flows from hall to hall, from Ancient Greece to Rome, through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, this movement feeding our casts with a new charge of energy, re-opening the soul of the past. Imprint in Motion is an important point in the history of our museum that creates the archeology of the future.
Marina Loshak, Director of The Pushkin Museum
Andrey Silverstov, Marina Loshak, Diana Vishneva, Dmitry Aksenov present the project

Musical pieces that inspired the choreographers were written by contemporary Russian composers working in the academic genre. Three of them — Mark Buloshnikov, Alexander Khubeev and Daria Zvezdina — are laureates of the annual Russian Music 2.0 program of the Aksenov Family Foundation aimed at the development and rejuvenation of the traditions of the Russian composing school, and demonstration of  its best achievements in Russia and abroad. The choreographers involved in the film production are the finalists of the Context. Diana Vishneva international festival of contemporary choreography.

After the premiere, the film will go to wide distribution, including online. Full information, creative team, venues and showtimes can be found at the project website film-slepok.ru.

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