RUSSIAN ART FOCUS is a new online media founded by Inna Bazhenova (The Art Newspaper) and Dmitry Aksenov (The Aksenov Family Foundation) and created by a team of native English speaking experts – journalists, critics and researchers. The mission is to provide a professional overview of the Russian art scene to foreign audiences in English and focus on what is happening in Russian art today.

This publication, started in November 2018 as a monthly online newsletter, will feature Museum News, Reviews of Exhibitions and Art Fairs, Interviews with the main players, Artist Profiles, Recommended Events, Regional News, as well as special stories covering the Background to the Russian art scene.

Our mission is to draw the attention of the rest of the world to the Russian art scene in a familiar language.

In the 20th century Russian artists gave birth to the glorious avant-garde modernist movements but nowadays sales of contemporary Russian art are undeservedly low. “There are of course exceptions and there are artists whose names are well-known beyond Russia’s borders, but it’s the trend that counts. That opens opportunities for international art lovers with imagination, – comments Richard Wallis, the Editor-in-Chief of Russian Art Focus. – That is why this monthly online publication is being launched in English. Its mission is to draw the attention of the rest of the world to the Russian art scene in a familiar language”.

Inna Bazhenova, publisher of The Art Newspaper international network, and co-founder of Russian Art Focus:

“The Art Newspaper is the main resource of information about what’s going on in the art world including news from Russia. The Art Newspaper Russia is certainly the main media covering all Russian art news. However, there is a large foreign audience interested in getting a broader view of the Russian art scene and looking for more information about it. This is why we came up with the idea of launching a specialised media in English about the Russian art scene. We believe that our editorial team will attract more art lovers and collectors to Russia, enliven the local art market and generally make Russian art a subject of much greater interest”.

Dmitry Aksenov, president of the Aksenov Family Foundation, co-founder of Russian Art Focus:

“Russian contemporary culture has a great potential for international recognition once we manage to overcome the language barrier. The proof is the high profile of Russian performers at international music festivals, events at which verbalization is irrelevant. I am sure that our project will greatly contribute to increase the demand for Russian contemporary art around the globe”.

Nicolas V. Iljine, member of the supervisory board of Russian Art Focus:
“Since 1965 I have been visiting the Soviet Union and Russia to study the local artistic situation. One of my conclusions was that people who do not speak Russian actually did not have any information about art in Russia. So in the mid-1970s, I started producing and personally funding an English-language newsletter that lasted 4 years. Now in 2018 I am very happy to be part of the professional team launching the new monthly Russian Art Focus."

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