27 April, 21

Mystery-concert AGRYPNIA by Teodor Currentzis

On April 26 and 27 a charity mystery-concert titled AGRYPNIA took place in St. Petersburg with the participation of the choir musicAeterna under the direction of Teodor Currentzis and the choir musicAeterna byzantina under the direction of Antonios Kutrupis.

For many centuries, Byzantine music has been a genuine treasure of the Greek Orthodox Church and the entire Greek people. The Byzantine Empire no longer exists on the world map, but the Byzantine culture and art are still alive. Today's bearers of these traditions are fully committed to their preservation and to passing them on to further generations.
Antonios Kutrupis

Translated from Greek, agrypnia means all-night vigil (literally "sleeplessness"), which directry refers to religious practice. The concerts took place at The Feodorovskaya Church at the time of the Holy Week, at night, and immersed the audience into the sacred atmosphere of Byzantine church singing.

The program comprised of Byzantine chants, which organically integrated the works by contemporary composers — Alexey Retinsky and Andreas Mustukis, the former and the current residents of the composers program at the House of Radio.

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