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The world premieres of works by composers-laureates of the "Russian Music 2.0" will take place at the large-scale concert, that will be presented as a part of collaboration programm between MMOMA, the Moscow Philharmonic Society and the Aksenov Family Foundation

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), the Aksenov Family Foundation and the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society are pleased to announce their collaboration for the 2021-2022 season. The programme, developed through the interaction of the three institutions, includes concerts, educational events and publication initiatives focusing on music, its history, contemporary development and its relationship to the contemporary art world.

From September to December 2021, MMOMA's Education Centre (17 Ermolaevsky Lane) will host an educational course consisting of six lectures on contemporary music, covering all the main styles and trends of the 20th and first decades of the 21st century. It is not structured as a historical excursion, but as a series of portals into the sound world of the recent past: the emphasis is on the composer's changing relationship to sound, time and space, form and the very existence of musical composition. And what exactly is music composition and music today? This is told by well-known musicologists and enlighteners - Yaroslav Timofeev, Lyalya Kandaurova and Natalia Surnina.

The Moscow Philharmonic's new subscription "Other Space Weekend" will also be supported by all participants in the program.   The aim is to recreate, in three marathon nights, the atmosphere of Russia's largest contemporary music forum, Other Space, which is held every two years.

A special event of the project will be a large-scale concert: the Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Moscow Ensemble for Contemporary Music, conducted by Fedor Lednev, will perform for the first time the works by the composers-laureates of the Aksenov Family Foundation program "Russian Music 2.0" 2021. The program began last year as an independent initiative to commission contemporary academic music by a private foundation. This year, 8 new wave composers will again receive grants from the Aksenov Family Foundation to create new works for academic music. The world premiere of these works will take place at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall on November 22.

As part of the partnership between the MMOMA and the Philharmonic Society, the Meloman almanac of the Moscow Philharmonic Society and the MMOMA magazine on contemporary art Dialogue of Arts will be published jointly in December 2021. The special issue will include material devoted to partnership initiatives, the relationship between sound and contemporary art, current trends in academic music, and interviews with those directly involved in and driving the cultural process.

About partners:

**The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA)** is the first state museum in Russia, founded in 1999, specializing in art of the XX and XXI centuries. Today the MMOMA is one of the most active participants of the country's artistic life and is located at six sites, five of which are in Moscow's historical centre, and one in Perovo, where the Vadim Sidur Museum is located (its exposition is fully translated into Braille). Every year the museum organizes more than 60 projects of various scale - from the debut shows of the beginner artists and conceptual expositions up to the international festivals and retrospectives of the major artists. MMOMA's priorities also include art education, support for young artists, its own publishing programme and the development of inclusive projects.

**The Aksenov Family Foundation (AFF)** is an international, interdisciplinary platform whose strategic goal is to showcase the unique role of contemporary culture in everyday life. By exploiting the synergy of projects created at the interface of contemporary art, science and technology, the Foundation promotes the professional development of those areas of contemporary culture that have the greatest communicative potential for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, and is concerned with their comprehensive support and with increasing public engagement with new cultural practices both on an individual and a societal level. Launched in 2020, the Russian Music 2.0 programme initiated the creation of new pieces of music by the most prominent Russian composers of the new wave, selected each year by an international council of experts. The concert of the first laureates of the program opened the XV International Festival-School of Contemporary Art "Territory". Eight world premieres of works were performed by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble and the Questa Musica ensemble conducted by Philippe Chizhevsky.

**The Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society **is a leader in concert life in the field of academic music in Russia. Each year, the Philharmonic holds around 1,200 concerts attended by over 600,000 listeners. The Moscow Philharmonic's well-thought-out subscription policy allows it to constantly expand its audience while retaining its regular listeners. The subscription concerts offer music lovers the chance to hear the top performers from around the world at an affordable price. The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra proudly continues the traditions established in the mid XIX century, being one of the largest concert organizations in the world.

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